Extra Credit

Extra Credit Opportunities

In order to provide you with the best opportunities to earn extra credit for this course, i have revised the extra credit options on the syllabus to include:

1. Mosaic at the Movies

2. The PEX Passport program

3. Peer editing of essays 1 and 2 (peer editing extra credit is added directly to essay grade to increase overall score).

4. Occasional quizzes which will be used toward extra credit instead of toward calculated quiz grade (MWF classed have had one already).

For extra credit option 1 or 2, please write a 1-2 page, typed response essay that both explains the film, exhibit or experience and reflects on how it connects to the themes and texts from out course. Essay should be proofread, properly documented, well-written and where possible include a ticket stub or other verification.  Extra credit response essays should be submitted within a week from attending. There are TWO cut off dates for extra credit submissions: Oct 30th and December 2nd. I will accept up to 5 extra credit activities (not counting those I offer in class, such as quizzes or peer editing opportunities).  You can receive up to 50 extra credit points on these response essays.


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