Midterm exam study strategies

Suggestions for preparing for midterm exam

1. Start by reviewing notes from class discussion and picking out recurrent themes. Write them down on paper with lots of space underneath. This is your master study sheet.

2. Go through each text and write down specific ways each text addresses the themes. Find one exemplary quotation for each text and theme. Write them down under the themes you identified on your study sheet.

3. Then, go to our course website and review the discussion questions. Be able to answer them–especially the Freud questions.

4. Be sure to have a clear understanding of Freud’s main concepts that we reviewed in class when we did the analysis of Gilgamesh using Freudian terms (handout).

5. Use sticky notes to mark passages in your books that you think are important. Label them as you see fit with themes, concepts they exemplify, connections to other texts from class, etc.

6. Think of ways to compare texts to one another and make a chart or study sheet that allows you to draw connections or make distinctions.

7. Refer to your section’s discussion forum, as your classmates shared very smart observations and connections about the quotations they selected.

8. Review past quizzes.

9. Organize your materials so you can reference them easily during the exam, or better yet, learn the material well enough to take the test without your books and notes!


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