IH 851 Discussion Leader Assignment: Guidelines and Schedule

You and your partners will be in change of running 15 minutes of class discussion on a selected text. In order to do this successfully, you must plan to do the reading ahead of time, meet and develop thoughtful discussion questions that connect the reading to the course themes and to at least one other text that we have already read, or to an issue in contemporary culture.

Step 1: To lead discussion, you should develop 3 significant questions to ask the class.  To do this, you should consider a problem for us to address, take a position for or against the author’s claim, connect the reading to past readings and develop your ideas in enough detail to prompt other students’ responses.

Step 2:  You should identify at least two passages from the texts you will discuss and direct the class to examine them.  You may also bring in multi-media material to supplement your use of the text.

Please remember to:

• Focus on the assigned reading for the upcoming class—don’t just repeat something we’ve already discussed in class and don’t discuss about unrelated issues.

• Avoid plot summary. You will need to identify and explain specific ideas from the text in order to analyze them, but keep in mind that your job is to present an argument about the text and a set of questions for us to respond to.

• Supply direct textual evidence for your claims

Step 3:  Email me your questions and the supporting material you plan to use by midnight TWO DAYS before we will address the reading in class.  I will post the questions to our website.  They should be well written and free of any errors.

Step 4: After your discussion day, you will fill out a self-evaluation and a group assessment evaluation. This evaluation must be completed and returned to me by the following class.

You may not, under any circumstances, be absent on the day you are to lead discussion. You must work collaboratively with your partners and not leave all the work to one person.  Since you are in charge of class for this time period, you must take this assignment very seriously.  You will be evaluated on the thoughtfulness of your questions, your ability to use evidence from the texts, your success in engaging the class and promoting discussion, and your professionalism.  You will also be evaluated on your ability to work with your partners and to share the responsibility equally.

This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade.

Schedule and discussion questions (click on the date for questions posed by each group)

9/30: Shane, Jamiyla, JoJo (Freud, Ch 7-8)

10/9: Cassie, Jessica, Marina (Hamlet, Act 4)

10/9: Brianna, Demeta, Hisieni (Hamlet, Act 5)

10/30: Nick, Alyse, Chris (The Crito)

11/6: Kayla, Ellie, M.J. (A Thousand Splendid Suns)

11/18: Ethan, Brendi, Kiefer (Genesis, 12-25)

11/18: Dan, Mike, Caroline (Genesis, 26-50)

11/20: Yvonne, Kate (Daodejing, Book I)

11/27 Abdullah, Travis (Love’s Alchemy)


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