IH 851 Wiki Assignment

In Mosaic I we are using a variety of seminal texts, both ancient and modern, western and nonwestern, to explore the basic question, “what does it mean to be human?” The course is structured around four themes: Jouneys, Self and Other, Community and Ways of Knowing. I am constantly updating the course website to draw your attention to supplemental material that will enhance your understanding of, and engagement with, these themes and the course content.

Throughout the semester, I am asking that you also draw connections between our course themes and texts with “contemporary connections” that you find in your daily lives, your studies, your interests, and in the wider world around you. In order to prompt these connections, you will help build a class website, or wiki, where you post relevant links to material you feel speaks to the ideas, themes, concepts, issues and questions raised in the texts we read. Here are the guidelines for the assignment:

1. Links/material must be relevant to the ideas and texts studied in the class. You are responsible for finding 8-10 “connections” that can be embedded into the course web page. These connections can be visual, text based, and/or multimedia based; they must be thoughtfully researched.

2. Aim to have an even distribution of connections: 2-3 links per each course theme would be best, though it’s okay if you focus your attention more specifically on one or two thematic units.

3. DO NOT post exclusively on material linked to one text only.

4. When you upload to the page accompany your links with a 3-6 sentence “rationale” or “defense” for why you think your links will enhance our understanding of, or engagement with the unit/text to which you are making the connection. Be specific in your points for why you think we should direct our attention to this material.

5. Your upload can be informally written but should still be free of typographical errors, and should strive to clearly communicate your ideas. This “rationale” will be posted with your link to our wikki site, so consider your audience and take pride in your writing.

6. You do not have to post each week, but at least 50% of your links must be emailed to me before 10/28! The other links must be emailed to me by 11/25. No exceptions.

7. If someone beats you to the punch with a link, you will have to resubmit a new one. NO REPEATS!

8. In addition to contemporary connections, you can have up to THREE of your links provide background information or points of clarification for the class. In other words, if you find a particularly helpful website, or other source of information, or if you yourself would like to construct a power point presentation (with proper documentation) on material that helped you better understand the text that would be fine as well.

This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade. I will assess your posts at the 10/28 cutoff point and provide you with feedback on the quality of your work.


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